PTO Mission

The Evans Mills Primary School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a school based group that represents the parents and teachers of the students at EMPS. We strive to build a bridge between families and schools. EMPS PTO works hand-in-hand with the EMPS administration and staff to continuously improve the educational experience of the students. We are involved with helping in the classroom through our Volunteer Committee, providing volunteers for different types of projects from creating banners to stapling workbooks. We also work together with EMPS by funding enrichment programs, such as puppet shows and authors for each grade level as well as for the entire school. EMPS PTO supports special family events like the dinner with Santa and family reading night, where families come together after school hours to share educational programs. EMPS PTO supports teachers and staff by providing funding for extra needs, such as supplemental teaching aids, classroom organizational tools or other requests. We welcome all parents and EMPS staff to join the EMPS PTO.

PTO Bylaws

Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO) By-Laws

Article I … Name

The name of this organization shall be Evans Mills Primary Parent Teacher Organization. It is independent of all state and national organizations and associations.

Article II … Objectives

Objectives of the Evans Mills Primary PTO shall be:

  1. To establish a home-school partnership that will bring about a spirit of cooperation in the education of our students.
  2. To give volunteer support to the administrators, teachers, staff members and students.
  3. The primary objective of the fund-raising aspect of our organization should be to foster and support school and student activities that will promote citizenship as well as pride in our school.
  4. To establish and maintain, whenever possible, a scholarship fund to aid the graduating classes of the Evans Mills Primary School in their pursuit of higher education.

Article III … Policies

The program of this organization shall be educational and shall be developed through meetings, committees, and projects.

  1. This organization shall remain free of any and all political involvement.
  2. This organization will work cooperatively with the school staff to support and enhance the educational and cultural environment in the school, but will in no way direct the programs of the administration and staff.
  3. Proceeds of fund-raising activities cannot be used for the personal benefit of a PTO officer, school staff member, or general PTO member.
  4. It is the sole responsibility of the PTO to determine how funds raised shall be allocated in the Evans Mills Primary School.

Article IV … Membership

Membership in the Evans Mills Primary School PTO shall be open to all parents and guardians of the students of the Evans Mills Primary School, as well as teachers.

Article V … Officers and Their Election

  1. The officers of this organization who make up the Executive Board shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer who shall be elected by the PTO members. The Activities Committee Leader and Volunteer Coordinator shall be appointed by the board. The organization shall also consist of Grade Level Representatives, a CSEA member, and an Administrator.
  2. Nominations for all elected positions shall be called for in May with elections being held in June. Nominees for President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer must have a child in the building (Pre K- 3).
  3. Nominations may be called from the floor at the time of the elections.
  4. Elections will be determined by a simple majority vote in a secret ballot. Any unopposed positions may be validated with a show of hands or a voice vote/
  5. Officers shall assume their official duties at the next scheduled meeting, and shall serve a term of no longer than one year.
  6. Vacancies may be filled by a simple majority vote of the general membership.

Article VI … Duties of Officers

  1. President: shall preside at all meetings of the organization and any meetings of the Executive Board, shall be a member of all committees and shall perform all duties as shall be required of the President by the organization.
  2. Vice-President: shall act as an aide to the President and shall act on behalf of the President in his or her absence.
  3. Secretary: shall record the minutes of all meetings, review previous meetings minutes when asked, and count and record any votes called for and also be responsible for the distribution, posting, and archiving of general meeting minutes.
  4. Treasurer: shall keep all necessary documentation regarding funds of the organization and report all account balances at each general meeting; shall be responsible for the disbursement of all funds, deposits and account activities; shall assume all responsibilities regarding filling of all applicable local, state and federal tax forms and documents pertaining to sales of tangible goods (i.e. fund-raising sale items, craft fair sales, etc.); and shall keep all records of scholarships activity.
  5. Activities Committee Leader: shall coordinate efforts of the Volunteer Coordinator, staff, fundraisers, and members of the PTO to help carry out PTO events and school activities as needed.
  6. Volunteer Coordinator: shall coordinate volunteers for PTO events and school activities, collect list of general volunteers at the beginning of the year and throughout the year as needed for special events. Assure that volunteer data is recorded and available to both the board and teachers, and shall work with teachers, staff, and the Activities Committee Leader to assure volunteers are recruited for programs.

Article VII … General Meetings

  1. Regular meetings of the Organization will be held at least every month beginning in September. In June, the organization will set its meeting schedule for the upcoming year. Emergency meetings may be called with three days notice. Notices of all meetings will be sent home with the students (i.e. flyers, website, etc.) to reach the maximum number of families.
  2. PTO meetings will deal with issues of general interest concerning a significant number of parents and shall not address singular complaints best handled by an individual parent and principal or teacher.

Article VIII … Amendments

Amendments to these By-Laws may be amended:

  1. At any regular meeting of the organization by a majority vote of the members present and voting, provided advanced notice of the proposed changes shall have been given at prior meeting.
EMPS Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

Evans Mills Primary School

PTO Parent Teacher Organization

PTO Officers:

President- Jolissa Watts

Vice President- Vacant

Treasurer- Kelly Toutant

Secretary- Vacant

Volunteer Coordinator- Liz Zehr

Fundraiser Coordinator-Kelly Toutant