Triennial Assessment Report of Wellness Policy June 23, 2021

The District-wide Wellness Committee met on June 18, 2021 to conduct the triennial assessment of the compliance of the schools within the district with Board of Education policy #4310 Wellness Policy.

In attendance at the meeting either in person or virtually were: Amanda Root, Cornell Cooperative Extension; Mona Campbell, APS teacher; Stacy Cavellier, HS Health teacher; Elizabeth Culbertson, APS Principal; Troy Decker, Asst Supt for C & I; Mary Anne Dobmeier, Supt; Jeanne Dolly, Medical Director; Ann Easter, Director of Food Services; Shelly Eggleston, IR Board of Education; Lisa Graham, MS Health teacher; Theresa Hunter, MS Asst. Principal; Sarah Matteson, IRIS Principal; Cynthia Matthews, MS Health teacher; Morgan Pratt-Neaves, HS Asst. Principal; Christine Purvis, CPS Health teacher; Julia Whitmore, IRIS Health teacher; Sarah Wilson, APS, PPS & TPS Health teacher;

The committee reviewed the consolidated results (attached) of the school level reviews conducted using the New York State Wellness Policy Assessment Tool (attached). The results are indicative that overall, all schools are in compliance with the existing wellness policy. It was noted in discussion of the wellness committee that the hybrid schedule enacted throughout the 2020-2021 school year presented challenges regarding the extent of implementation of in-person activities within the goals of the policy. Despite these challenges, the schools offered significant education and activities in the attainment of the goals of the policy.

Discussion ensued about whether the goals contained within the existing policy are in fact measurable. The desire is to ensure that the goals are clearly measurable so that schools can then indicate whether, in fact, they were attained and the extent to which they were attained. The District will engage in a process of working with our collaborative partner Cornell Cooperative Extension, to review model wellness policies throughout the region and State in an effort to update the district’s policy. It was acknowledged that the Board of Education policy committee will be resuming work in the summer and they are currently at the section of the policies where the Wellness Policy would be reviewed and revised as necessary.